Hey y’all!

Welcome to the place where all of my European adventures will be! I’m spending the next 6ish weeks in Prague, Czech Republic. I’ll be taking a photography class through NC State’s Prague Institute. On the weekends my roommate, Livia, and I will be traveling to Denmark, France, Austria, and maybe Germany.

Right now I’m sitting in the airport waiting to board the plane. We’re flying to Paris (this’ll be my first time on a redeye) and then on to Prague. I’m pretty nervous because I’ve also never flown without my parents. Hopefully it’ll be an easy flight and I can sleep the whole time!

You can also keep up with me on Instagram (hailey_loftin) or Twitter (@haileyloftin). Most of my stories and photos will be here, but I’ll be sure and post on my social media every time I make a new post!