Well y’all, we made it here safely. After an 8-hour flight to Paris and a very eventful trip through customs (one of the French security guys got mad at me because I don’t speak fluent French which was so rude), we got on another plane for an hour and a half and landed in Prague. It turns out that Europe has this thing called the Schengen Zone. Basically, when you enter a Schengen country from a non-Schengen country you go through customs. Once you’ve been through customs in that initial country, you don’t have to go through customs again as long as you’re traveling between Schengen countries. We went through customs in France and since the Czech Republic is in that zone, we didn’t have to stop and do anything for customs when we arrived in Prague (I was actually disappointed about this because it means I won’t get any more passport stamps).

Our window in our room is awesome. We spent half of our first day sitting in it.

Our dorm here is really awesome. I’d say that we’re lucky to be staying in such a beautiful building, but every building in the city is at least as beautiful as this one. Our room is huge and we have an awesome view. Everyone who is staying here is so nice–we’ve made some friends already who are great. Livia and I are the babies of the group so far though. No one else who’s here yet is a freshman (sophomore? I guess technically we’re sophomores now). The only downside to this trip so far is that I don’t adjust to time zones well. The first night we were here I slept 15 hours and last night I think I only slept for 3. Hopefully that’ll fix itself somewhere along the way because I don’t think I can do that!

State’s Institute. This is where all of my classes will be!

We finally got up today and started to explore Prague (Praha in Czech) a little bit. We walked almost 8 miles today and barely saw the city. We went to Old Town Square and found the location of the NC State Prague Institute, which is beautiful. Tonight some of the girls here are going to mass at a Catholic church a mile away, but after walking 8 miles already I just decided to sit in the dorm and relax. I think I typically walk a mile and a half in a normal day, so this was a ton of walking for me.

I’m not sure what our plan is for tomorrow. We have orientation on Tuesday. They’ll be giving us a Czech history lesson as well as teaching us some basic phrases in the language at that, and classes start on Wednesday. I’m taking ADN 490, which is Photography, and my first class will be Thursday at 9:00am. After that’s done, Livia and I are off to Copenhagen, Denmark for the weekend! I’m so excited about this because Denmark is at the top of my list of places to visit. Next time I’m writing it’ll probably be all about Copenhagen!