I’ve finally made it to Denmark! After a year’s worth of research and wishing to come to this place, I’ve arrived. I was asked before I came here if I was worried about Copenhagen not living up to what was inside my head, and I always said that I really hoped that it did. I can tell y’all after one day here that it definitely lives up.

I’m not really sure where to begin with this, because we walked almost ten miles today (22,300 steps. Shoutout to iPhones for keeping track of that stuff) and saw a lot. I also have some pretty huge blisters as a result, but it’s worth it. We started off figuring out public transit and were successful, which was surprising to both of us. There’s a bus stop right near our rented apartment that goes straight into the city. We were also relieved to discover that we can use the buses and metro to get to the airport on Sunday (we took a taxi when we arrived and it cost a ridiculous amount of money).

Lunch from Copenhagen Street Food! It was really, really good.

Copenhagen is not cheap. One Danish krone is worth about fifteen cents in the US, which makes it sound like everything should be inexpensive. We’re also used to the Czech Republic already where things actually are very cheap. Here, lunch cost around $15 just for one person. To me, that’s expensive, especially when you compare it to Prague where you can get a really good meal and a beer for $7. The food is really good though. We found a bakery called Emmerys and got cinnamon buns this morning and for lunch we went to Copenhagen Street Food. CSF is this huge place on Papirøen (Paper Island) that is full of street food vendors. I got a barbecue sandwich and curly fries, all of which was delicious. Paper Island is across the harbor from the rest of Copenhagen and CSF sits pretty much right on the water, so we got lunch with a view.

We made it! This is Nyhavn Harbor, one of the most well-known spots in Copenhagen.

We did a lot of the touristy stuff today. We went to Nyhavn Harbor, which is as beautiful as all the pictures make it look. Hans Christian Andersen lived in number 20 on the harbor, and his house is painted red which made me love it even more. That whole place has a ton of people and is expensive because it’s so touristy, but it’s beautiful and has hour-long boat tours that go out into the big harbor. We also went shopping on Strøget, the tourist magnet shopping street. It has everything from H&M to Louis Vuitton. We didn’t buy anything there (I guess I did buy socks from a souvenir shop), but it was fun to walk around and see the kinds of clothes Danish people wear.

One of the things I really wanted to buy here was a t-shirt from the University of Copenhagen. I want to spend a semester studying abroad at that university later on in college. We were sitting at lunch just chatting when we realized the bookstore closed at 3pm and it was already 1:45. We were across the city. We practically ran to campus and I got my t-shirt (yay!) and then pretty much collapsed into chairs at Torvehallerne Market with juice. Torvehallerne also has kind of a street food vibe but is way more expensive. It has one side with actual meal food and another that’s mostly pastries and sweets. The middle is flowers and fruit. We’re going to go back there tomorrow to get pastries.

To end the day we walked to Kongens Have, or the King’s Gardens, and sat down to people watch. Copenhagen is fantastic place to do that. We met

This wisteria was actually in the Royal Library Garden, not the King’s Garden, but it’s too pretty to not be posted!

two girls from Texas who are traveling around Europe this summer and made friends with a super cute baby. The weirdest thing about this entire day happened while we were sitting in the gardens. We sat down near a bunch of rhododendron bushes and were admiring them when a man walked into the middle of them and peed. We started cracking up and wondering why this guy was just peeing in the middle of a park with a lot of people in it when two more walked up and started doing the same thing. In the two hours we were sitting there, between 20 and 30 people peed in the bushes. Some girls did it too. We were shocked (and still are, to be honest) and laughed about it the whole time we were sitting there.

I’m excited to see what Copenhagen has in store for us tomorrow. Hopefully it’ll involve less blisters and more pastries. Luckily we did a lot of what we wanted to today, so if we get really tired tomorrow we can take the time to sit down and just chill out for a little bit.

Sorry for the longer post, but the weekend travel days will probably have long ones since we’ll be packing a lot into a short amount of time. Godnat (good night) from Copenhagen!