As expected, today’s adventures in Copenhagen were less tiring and way shorter. We did so much of what we had planned yesterday that we felt like today could be pretty leisurely. Even so, we walked over six miles and did some pretty cool stuff.

Hot chocolate at the Chaplon Tea Room. It was the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had!

There’s an amusement park here that’s right smack in the middle of downtown Copenhagen. It’s called Tivoli Gardens and is the second-oldest functioning amusement park in the world. They call it an amusement park, and it does have rides and shows, but the really incredible parts of Tivoli are its gardens. The flowers there were gorgeous as were the fountains. There’s a little place in the middle of it called the Chaplon Tea Rom (which is misleading because the whole thing is outside) where you can order tea or hot chocolate or a beer and sit by a fountain. We got hot chocolates, which were incredible, and listened to a performance that was going on nearby. We didn’t ride any rides because they cost extra, but it’s definitely somewhere you should go see if you’re in Copenhagen!

The chocolate pastry I got for breakfast that was incredible.

After we left Tivoli we just wandered around the city. We got pastries (I had what looked like a cinnamon roll but was all chocolate and it was the best thing I’ve ever eaten) and went back to the King’s Gardens for a while. We shopped a little more before deciding to walk to the Little Mermaid statue. It’s very far out of the way and had a ridiculous number of people, but it was pretty and I’m glad we went to see it.

The Little Mermaid statue

Tomorrow we go back to Prague, which I’m a little sad about because I really love Denmark. I hope I can come back someday and really learn the city. I have class all day on Monday (a Czech culinary class from 9-noon and my photography course from 1-7:10) and this week we really will get into a routine with classes in full swing. Hopefully soon I’ll have some really good pictures to share with y’all!