I realized today while I was working on my assignments that I haven’t posted anything about my class! The class I’m in is ADN 490, which here means either Photography or Drawing. I can’t draw, so mine is Photography. Even though the class has a really high number, none of us are photography majors and take pictures as a hobby. It’s really nice to learn how to use my camera to take a lot of different pictures!

This was my shallow depth of field picture. This flower was in the Royal Library Garden in Copenhagen.

We started out with the basics–aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. We were given our first assignment and I’ll be honest: I had no idea how to take the pictures he asked us for. Luckily, my dad is more knowledgeable than me and was able to help me out. The instructor, Marian, asked us to take 3 photos with varying depths of field, one with motion blurring, one with motion freezing, and one using panning. The depth of field ones were easy–I just found a flower while we were in Copenhagen and used that. The others were harder because we needed something to be in motion. The assignment is due tomorrow, so a group of us went out today (procrastination!!!!) and took the pictures. We have no clue if we actually did them right, but at least we’ll all get them wrong together, right?

One of the other instructors (we have 4 in total), Štěpánka, is working with us on black and white photography. We made pinhole cameras on Tuesday and her assignment is for us to take a relatively clear photo with it. This is way harder than it sounds. The way the picture comes out is completely different every time based on lighting, positioning, how long you leave the

Here’s the negative I took with my pinhole camera! You can see the side of the building and the NC State flag in it. Next week we’ll make it positive.

“shutter” (a piece of black electrical tape) open, and how big the pinhole is. I went in today and luckily only had to take a picture three times before I got one that she said was clear enough. That entire project was very cool, but it was a lot harder than I originally thought it was going to be. I’m really glad we did it!



Our third instructor, Miroslav, is pretty well-known in the Czech photography circles (at least that’s what they told us. I don’t know much about Czech photography so I can’t confirm this) for his still life pictures. He’s working with us on studio photography, which means adjusting lights and screens to get still life shots. I’ve never tried staging pictures in a studio before, so learning what lighting works is really cool.

We haven’t met our fourth instructor yet, so I’m not sure what he’ll have us work on. We have a special class on Friday this week with a guest lecturer. I think he’ll lecture for three hours and then work with us on photos for the other three or four hours. I’m excited, but also that much class on a day when no other classes have it sounds like

This is the picture I’m turning in for motion freezing. The tram was moving pretty quickly when I took this.

not much fun. I’m hoping to get a gallery set up on my blog soon so y’all can see all of the types of pictures we’ve been assigned! For now, check out my album on Facebook for pictures from all of my adventures here.