I can’t believe it’s already been over a week since we got to Gaborone. Part of me feels like the time is zooming by, and another part of me thinks it should’ve already been more than that. We started classes on Tuesday, and the guest professors we’ve had have been amazing. I’m learning so much about Botswana and the culture here.

One of the zebras we saw at the game reserve!

Yesterday ay we visited the Mokolodi Nature Reserve, which was amazing and by far my favorite thing we’ve done on the trip so far. We went on a game drive and saw so many animals. The first animals we saw were kudus, which basically just look like big deer. After that, though we started seeing giraffes. I’m not sure how many of them we actually ended up seeing, but there were so many. They were so graceful. We also saw some impalas and zebras! Our professor told us that out of all the times he’s visited Mokolodi, he’s never seen zebras. I always thought zebras wouldn’t be camouflaged well because their environment was mostly brown, not black and white. It turned out though that they were hard to see through all the vegetation. We ate lunch beside a lake in the reserve, which was awesome. As someone who’s big on parks and nature, this was a pretty amazing experience. I wish we could do that every day!

One of many giraffes we saw peeking at us over the bushes!

Today we had a day to rest before doing a hill climb tomorrow. I’m a little nervous about that because we’ve been told that it’s very challenging, but I’m looking forward to some hiking time!